Here at Whiteman Lumber, we specialize in supplying Home and Commercial Builders. 
  • We specialize in highly specified, custom orders.
  • We use a circular saw to ensure our timbers have a rustic look.
  • Some of our products include the following: Beams, Timbers, Rafters, Mantels, Stair treads, Bridge decking, Trailer decking, Mining timbers, Counter tops, Pergola components - anything that requires special sizing.
  • Our customer base is nationwide.
  • We can provide custom kiln dried products.


Kiln Dried TimbersSpecies: Douglas-fir, Western Larch, Engelmann Spruce, Hemlock, Grand Fir, Western Red Cedar.
Kiln Drying: We have two dehumidification dry kilns at the mill site, which enables us to provide custom dried timbers to any requested moisture content. We are happy to provide kiln drying even for small orders. Please contact us for further information or any questions regarding your specific drying requirements, or just to discuss the benefits of kiln drying for the quality of your finished projects.


Kiln Dried Resawn Douglas FirKiln Dried, Resawn Timbers: Timbers can be first cut oversized, kiln dried, then resawn to size for superior stability and surface texture. This process takes out twist that naturally occurs through drying and results in a straight timber.  (Left) an example of circle sawn kiln dried resawn Douglas-fir timbers used by Timberbuilt of North Collins, NY.










Sizes: 2 x 4 through 24 x 24 in the rough, 2 x 4 through 14 x 20 surfaced. Lengths to 36 feet. Cut Douglas Fir TimbersCut Douglas Fir Timbers Cut Douglas Fir Timbers Cut Douglas Fir Timbers


Arches: Custom sizes and dimension.



Mining Timbers: We make anything from shaft sets to wedges to ladders. Please see our "Mining Timbers" page for details.


Armor Plated Cribbing
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